Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket
Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

Frisco Neoprene Dog Life Jacket

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Remember to measure your pet for the paw-fect fit. If you're planning a day of water fun for you and your pup, give them the buoyancy they need with the Frisco Dog Life Jacket. Designed with safety in mind, this life jacket has a front panel with a flotation flap and thick 30mm foam side panels to help keep their head above water. There’s also neoprene included in the side panels for added buoyancy and insulation when the water’s chilly. A durable 3.4mm thick neoprene belly band and three adjustable straps with side-release buckles will help you get the best, snug fit to help ensure comfort and safety for your pup. There is also a grab handle on the top of the life jacket—larger sizes come with dual handles—so that you can use to pull your dog out of the water quickly in case of emergency. When traveling on dry land, there is a D-ring for leash attachment on the back of the life jacket. Be sure to weigh your pet and choose the size that matches the recommended weight range. This way, you can ensure that the life jacket will provide the proper level of buoyancy to keep your pet afloat.

Key Benefits
  • Sleek design allows your pet to move comfortably in the water. Four reflective accents and bright color offer increased visibility so you can always spot your pet in and out of the water.
  • Front panel has a flotation flap that helps support your dog's head and keep it above water. Side panels contain additional neoprene for extra buoyancy and warmth.
  • Three adjustable straps with side-release buckles help you get the perfect fit for comfort and safety.
  • Grab handle on top lets you quickly and easily pull your pet out of the water in the case of an emergency. For dry land, a D-ring on the back allows you to attach a leash when necessary.
  • To find the right jacket for your pup, measure their chest, neck and weight. Then, compare their measurements to the size chart and the Maximum Buoyant Weight listed.

This life jacket is a flotation aid intended for dogs only. Always supervise your dog when using this product and use only in calm waters. The jacket's top handles should be used to lift your dog during an emergency only and are not intended for excessive use.

Please keep in mind, pups come in all shapes and sizes so your unique pup's breed size may not directly reflect our size naming.

For the best fit, we recommend selecting the size based on your pet's chest measurement. Once you have determined the correct size, you should then reference the weight the life jacket can safely support. If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two.

TIPS: For first time users, start by putting the life jacket on for short durations at a time and encourage your dog by giving treats. Ensure fit is snug. This life jacket does not need to fit the entire length of your dog for it to perform as intended.

    Large Breeds
    Hook & Loop
    14 to 18 inches
    26 to 30 inches
    Up to 85 pounds