Cocktail Infusion Kit
Cocktail Infusion Kit

Cocktail Infusion Kit

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Infuse your favorite alcohol for an alternative to artificially flavored drinks! Each bottle is 16 oz., comes with pre-measured ingredients and an easy-to-pour spout. 

Comes in 4 different flavors:

  1. Blue Sunday features blueberries, lemon and lavender for a delicious mix of fruity and floral flavors, perfect for both light and dark spirits. Recommended spirits - whiskey, vodka and gin
  2. Garden Party is a refreshing strawberry and hibiscus infusion kit, perfect with your next negroni for a spin on a classic cocktail! Recommended spirits - gin, vodka and tequila
  3. Navel Gazer is a combination of tangy oranges and mulled spices which creates a warm, classic flavor - perfect for sipping over ice. Recommended spirits - whiskey, bourbon
  4. Apple-a-Day combines dehydrated apples, vanilla bean and cinnamon for those cold winter nights! Recommended spirits - whiskey, vodka and spiced rum
  5. Sweet Cherry Pie is a combination of dehydrated lemons, dehydrated cherries and vanilla bean. Recommended spirits - whiskey, vodka and bourbon
  6. Island Time is like a getaway in a bottle! This pineapple-packed infusion offers sweet, rich flavors with a subtly spicy finish
  • These infusion kits do not contain alcohol