Artisan Cocktail Syrup Gift Set
Artisan Cocktail Syrup Gift Set
Artisan Cocktail Syrup Gift Set

Artisan Cocktail Syrup Gift Set

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Craft cocktails and sodas depend on simple, high caliber ingredients, never concentrates. At Pope’s, only the purest fruit juices, cane sugar and botanicals are used. Each cocktail syrup in this four-pack is expertly balanced to allow you to quickly create crowd-pleasing cocktails.


  • Blueberry Lemon
    • One of life’s great joys is the rich purple hue and the flavor bursting from fresh Blueberries. With this Cocktail syrup Pope’s has woven this together with the subtle bite of Lemon. Creating a syrup that will refresh your entire summer. This versatile syrup will take you from breakfast pancakes, a family friendly blueberry lemonade at lunch to a delightful cocktail as the sun sets.
    • Ingredients: Cane sugar, water, organic blueberries, lemon juice.
    • 4.5 fl.oz. (133mL)
  • Orange Habanero
    • This artisan syrup made with fresh habañero steeped in pure orange juice, balances sweet, tang and spice. While best paired with friends, use it to take your next old fashion to a whole new level – or as a glaze for pork & salmon.
    • Ingredients: Cane sugar, orange juice, water, habanero peppers.
    • 4.5 fl.oz. (133mL)
  • Lavender Lemon
    • Celebrating the feel of late spring in Ohio when the flowers are in full our Lavender Lemon Syrup brings you the flavors of late spring all year long. By combining the light, floral essence of lavender and the bright, tartness of lemon, rounded out with a bit of sugar we’ve crafted a cocktail syrup that will make you wish it was spring all year! Take a fresh step to you classic mixed drinks.
    • Ingredients: Cane sugar, water, lemon juice, organic lavender.
    • 4.5 fl.oz. (133mL)
  • Mint
    • The experts at Pope’s Kitchen take their cocktails seriously. Which is why when creating their small batch mint cocktail syrup we use only the freshest mint and purest water available to bring you a clean, crisp and slightly sweet mint flavor. Perfect splashed in with a rocks glass of bourbon, blended into a frozen beverage, or throw a splash in to naturally sweeten your tea. However you choose to enjoy your Pope’s Kitchen mint cocktail syrup you will be glad you did.
    • Ingredients: Cane sugar, water, lemon juice, mint.
    • 4.5 fl.oz. (133mL)
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Mixes do not contain alcohol
  • Gluten-free
  • Made in Cleveland, Ohio